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I've decided to merge my picspam and episode review this week and once again I went crazy with the caps so I'm going to break this up into parts.

To start off I really loved this episode. My only problem with it was the that there was no Tim/Lyla, well there was but not like there has been. If that makes sense. Ok so we open with my favourite tv family.

When have we not seen this man stressed?

There seems to be a lot of groups of 3 in this episode. These 3, the Taylor 3, the 3 captains and Jason/Lyla/Tim

Smash and Mat doing their cute thing to impress the ladies.

Who seems very impressed

HATE! It's those eyes, those hateful hateful eyes!!!

Tim to the rescue

I like Matt's friend, I really do, but for the life of me I can't remember his name

If I was living in this town I'd be the guy on the ground right now

They all seem to have the exact same reaction to the arrest

The many faces of Tyra

The many (and way better cause she rocks) faces of Tami

Tyra would be really lucky if she grew to up be half a cool as Tami so shut up Tyra

3 Captains

This episode made me really love Jason. Before I just liked him but he's so happy and smiley here

I still want Tim/Lyla but if that was never even on the cards I could like these two

But why have Jason happy when you can have Tim angst

I do a great Tim impression "Lyla [angsty pause] I can't stop thinkin' bout you". Of course you really have to hear it

Maybe Lyla should have kept Tim around since Jason wont be able to help her in that department anymore. Man, that was harsh!

Kiss from your mommy, apple from your daddy

Remind me what the point of all this was again? Why do we care? (note: I like Trya, they just don't seem to know what to do with her at the moment)

Well we do get more Tim time and that's never a bad thing I guess

Tim Jason BFF YAY!!!! I love these two.

Ok so thats where I'm leaving it for the moment. Join me next time for more Tim Jason BFF, Jason/Lyla/Tim, Coach staring a lot and Matt just being a cutie!

Caps can be found here once again just credit me if you are taking/using.



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