Part 2

Nov. 10th, 2006 05:58 pm
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Welcome back to the world of Friday Night Lights!

When we left our heroes were engaging in, the most exciting of all things, a phone conversation. We rejoin as coach Taylor is taking a ride with the devil himself, Buddy!!!!

Matching shots. Good vs Evil and all that

I've noticed that they seem to focus on peoples hands a lot, especially when they have done something wrong/feel guilty
Not a happy man. Oh and this guy was an ass!

Before this episode I didn't really get Tim Jason BFF but this really did it for me
I love how Jason doesn't let Tim off the hook for not visiting him. If he only knew who what Tim had been doing with that extra time
I could do a whole picspam of Tim during this scene but I'll restrain myself

I have nothing to say about these
I love these two

They hunt in packs

HANDS!!! It's becoming my obsession
Who could resist those faces?
They're gym buddies

Speaking of Buddy...
These are some great looks

I love how they shows Matt kinda crossing over to the dark side. Normally I'm all for the dark side but not this time


These have to be some of my faviourt shots of the entire episode. Also 3!!! Isn't this what the episode is all about?

I keep expecting Lyla to try and swat Jason off cause she really wants Tim. In my head anyway
I really wanted these two to start making out right there by the drinks
instead we just get Lyla backtracking on her "I take full responsibility" speech ::waves fist::

When I saw this at first I thought Tim was going to run right into the lake with Jason!

I'm going to leave it there for the moment cause I'm hungry and there are a lot of Matt/Julie caps coming up so I want to make sure I don't miss anything

Caps can be found here



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