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The 3rd and final part of this epic picspam.

On to the cuteness!
I love how it was her that started the conversation. You really got the feeling in this episode that she likes him too
Love to watch 'em go
So is Matt in the Christian Speed Metal Band?

Oh so pretty

These two again!

Just look how happy she is to see him!
Who's nervous now Julie??
I hope the next time we see him at the door he's not looking for her dad. I kinda think she wishes that too.
I just hope he hasn't blown it
I just want to say that I love how we've got the really cute couple and the really angsty couple. I love them both
Another 2 I love together. They even do the same sticky out tongue thing
I can't wait for some sort of "dating my daughter" talk

I'm totally this guy. Except I do play sport but we are in the bottom division so that doesn't really count

Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya
Happy Jason, happy Tim
You think after all this is over there is any chance of these two getting together?

I like that coach stepped up and kicked this guy off the team. After last weeks disaster of decision making it's good to see that he's in charge and can get things done.

HANDS!!! Ok I'll stop that now
And to think it was all going so well. Man, I hate Buddy and Voodoo. I hope they run away together and get married and live together in their combined evilness. HATE!

These two just kill me sometimes
Oh Jason look away, look away now!
Away Jason, away
No Jason, come back. They were only hugging I swear.

And on that depressing note we leave it for this week. Final thoughts: I loved this episode. I've found a new love of Jason and my love of all the other characters has stayed intact. In conclusion this show rocks and if you're  not watching it, I have not idea why you're reading this post, but also shame on you.
Is it tuesday yet?

Caps can be found here



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