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Another week another picspam. This should have been up earlier but photobucket decided to die on me!

I'll start of with getting all the parts of the show that I had a problem with out of the way. Not enough Matt. Ok, on with the spamming!!!

I loved how there dancing was kinda crappy. Also that they are selling bear in the middle of the day to High School kids

At least Tim's happy about this, unlike Lyla

Oh the shame of being a teenage alcoholic (note: empty cup)

To distract Lyla and the viewer for this Tim fixes his hair

Just enjoy the pretty

GO Team Taylor!

So is this what Homecoming is? Cause I never got it before now

I really hate that I couldn't get a good cap of Matt dancing

Boo Team Garrity (Die Buddy Die)

Yay, Matt dancing

Landry doesn't seem quite as impressed

Pretty Tami

I'm loving my newfound love of Jason

If anyone wants to buy me anything they can get me that hat, or the t-shirt or Kyle Chandler

Happy boys

They seem to be always eating in this show

Call me slow but I just realised she was Jessica in Supernatural. Yeah I know, that only took me 7 episodes!

Hey Tyra, can you say "your future"?

The Riggins boys

Do you think Tim ever washes his hair?

Tim refusing a drink?


My mom has on of those things

I like Lyla *runs and hides*

Ok that's it for the moment cause I have to go eat

As always Caps can be found here



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