1x08 Part 1

Dec. 1st, 2006 11:29 am
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Ok kids, this week something different. Since it's coming up to Christmas and everything's a little crazy I've decided to do the picspams in groups. Today it's the Taylor family with added Matt and a bit of random Lyla in there for good measure.

I decided to d the Taylors first cause they are in general quite cute and they were only in half the episode so I wouldn't have that many caps, right? Well, not so much.

The first Taylor we meet this week is Tami in full on counseling mode

Hands! Also a threeway? Really?

Another week, another great selection of Tami faces!

I love Laundry and his pearls of wisdom. "You gotta solve for x"

And here comes the youngest member of the Taylor clan, Julie

"Fix your hat"

Julies nervous while Matt is determined

I don't know how many times I watched this on Yahoo! but it's still super cute

"Maybe you should get some more fries" oh the witty banter

The more I see Julie around Matt the more convinced I am that she really likes him

Oh Laundry, I hope some day we get to see you in action

Almost touching hands!

Considering it?

Whats to consider?

These two are also great. The looks she gives him

There is some Matt Smash action in there that I might leave for another post

Lyla's sad face

Tami's reaction to said face

I want a Tami hug

I don't know about you guys buy my guidance counciler was never that nice. He just spat at us and tried to listen to cd's only using his ears!

Note the lack of spitting!

More hands! and weird Julie face

I love how he just drops the bowl:)

Their reactions are great


Random Matt!!!

It's like the Gilmore Girls only without the witty banter

I really love how they deal with the Julie/Matt prospect. I like to think they are a tight mother and daughter team. Just another reason to love the Taylors!

Reason number 1, coach Taylor

Or maybe it's Coach/Tami

More Random Matt!!!!

Ok so as requested by [profile] lil_bear33  I have quite a lot of caps from this next scene

Ok so ping pong in their jammies (thats right, I'm 5)!!! It's like they custom made this scene for me.

So it seems Coach isn't in his jammie. If only

Action shot!

I think I could beat Julie at ping pong, I used to play when I was 10!

This has to be up there with my fav coach scenes

This is so much better then the time he gave her an apple

Coach Hands! gets 2 caps!

That's my non laughing face too

So cute

I don't know, I think these two are giving Keith and Veronica a run for their money

End scene

"Contrary to popular opinion I'm very good communicating with the women folk"

"Sweetheart, that is ridicules"

Haha, he looks like a pirate!

I'm not the only one disturbed by this

I think I need to get me a Taylor family icon

Have I mentioned lately that Tami Rules!

And so ends another action packed day at the Taylor house.

I hope to do the Riggins/Lyla/Jason saga next time so at the moment only the Taylor caps are in the album. Hope you enjoy.
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