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So continuing on from where we left off yesterday. Be warned this is mostly Matt and Julies date.

To ease everyone in, here's a bit of Smash

I can't remember the last time we sat down at the table for dinner

Oh Brian, get away from her table

And we're off. It's date time!

"That a Members Only jacket?"

"Landry made me"

Where do you think she got this dress?

I love all there different reactions here

Coach does not look remotely pleased

Did no one see her while she was getting ready?

Awww she's all happy to see him

Think thats Matt code for "wow"

Tami to the rescue


"You wanna beer?"

I like the way Julie calls Matt on his "my people" comment

Not impressed

Oh Matt, you may be adorable but just stop talking!

Thank god my Landry

I like the fact that Matt doesn't have a phone, it's in keeping with Matt doesn't have money

"I didn't touch her"

This scene is just so heartbreak. It's everything I love about the show

I get the feeling from this that Landry never really knew how bad things were with Matt's Grandma

I think I would have stayed in the car

I'll always associate that song with "Back to the Future"

So cute

This was really sad

I love you too Matt!

And Julies all crying *sniff*

You know your date really sucked when she asks your best friend to bring her home

Well that was depressing. Worst. Date. Ever!

On a lighter note Lyla's lamp shades match her apron and oven mits!

Post-date mother/daughter conference

Tami really Rocks those shades

Post-date friend/best-friend conference

"Matt, there's no reason to blame the couture just cause you couldn't pull it off" HA! Best Line Ever!!

I find it had to get good Landry caps so when I do I like to go a bit crazy

Totally the best BFF on the show

Now I'm hungry

Matt looking slightly stalkery


I have no idea why I don't have a Landry icon

I'm leaving it there for the moment. The updated caps can be found here



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