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Ages ago I finally found Undeclared and proceeded to finish it off in a couple of days. It's kinda like a follow-up to Freaks and Geeks, the same guys made it but the characters are completely different even though some of the actors are the same. And if you haven't checked out Freaks and Geeks then you're missing out on some of the best 18 episodes made for tv! Anyway I decided to do a picspam of the Undeclared pilot and it's been sitting on my computer for months so here it goes.

This is Steven. He's about to leave his geeky high school past behind by getting a new hair cut, growing 7 inches and going off to college.

This is Hal, Stevens dad. He thinks Steven should join "those Backstreet Boys" with his new fancy haircut.

This is Lucien, Stevens RA. He is also Herc from Friday Night Lights so YAY!

Rachel is also a new student. She is panic attacks and is not helped at all by Lucien

This is probably not helped either by her room-mate Lizzie. If you can't tell Lizzie is kinda happy.

Next Steve meets his dorm-mates (I'm not 100% sure what you call them)

Ron and Marshall
They live in the room next to Steven. I think I prefer Marshall to Ron but it's close, it's very very close.

Then there is Lloyd, Stevens room-mate. In case you didn't notice Lloyd is English and in the Theatre. He's also the hot one.

Lizzie has an older boyfriend Eric who works in a copy shop and makes her things like a pillowcase with his face on it. He also rings her every 5 minutes, even from the parking lot when he starts crying.

The boys decide to have a party so they try and ask a load of girls to the party. This does not go well. Plus they ask Pam!!!

And Clark Kent!!!

This is Perry, he's a DJ. He likes to blend Street East Cost Thug Hip Hop with Brit-Pop, it's pretty amazing.

Did I mention all the girls love Lloyd?

Lloyd explains to Steve what the scrunchy on the door represents.

This is the moment Steve and Lizzie first meet. He is asking out to a party that is on her own floor and they are just kinda adorable.

I just love how they start off at the vending machine on one side of the hall and as she slowly moves towards him he slowly backs away until she ends up pushing him against bench on the other side of the hall. He's just so awkward it's adorable.

Ron tried to hit on some girl at a part. It doesn't go well.

Lloyd does a lot better.

Stevens night goes downhill once his dad decides to crash their party.

This is the first meeting of Marshall and Rachel. She's having a panic attack and he's great. They are my OTP.
Oh the hand holding!

Hall tells Steven that he and his mother are going to separate.

Lizzie has a fight with creepy Eric. Did I mention he's kinda creepy?

Fun Sexy time at the party

"if you enter my room full of tears, my hope is you will leave with a smile
if you enter my room glowing with love, my hope is to share in your warmth
so when you're feeling low just knock on my door and say hello"
by Lucien the RA


Lizzie walks in on Steven crying.

Izzie: "You know what we should do. We should have sex"


The boys bond over the size of their guts and where Hal went wrong with his marriage.

Steven spends a lot of time on her shoes.

Return of the Scrunchy.

In the morning Steven wakes up next to his dad and Lizzie wakes up to realise what she's done.

Thats about it for the pilot. I strongly advise everybody to check it out cause it just gets better from there on it. The only problem is there are only 17 episodes and I just ends, no closure no nothing just over and it kinda hurts. But it's worth it :)



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