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I think it was May when I started doing this picspam. It's been sitting on my computer for months now so I thought I'd finally get it out there before Season 2 starts which is little over a week away. Anyway this is not dial-up friendly.

Dillon, Texas
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Welcome to Dillon, Texas, home of the Dillon Panthers. This town lives and breaths football, they expect nothing less then a State Championship.

Coach Eric Taylor
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Coach Taylor is Dillon Highs newest football coach. He lives in Dillon with wife Tami and daughter Julie. You can not mention coach Taylor without mentioning the awesomeness that is Kyle Chandler and his hair.
Best line: "They had a blanket!"

Tami Taylor
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Wife of Coach Taylor and mother of Julie, Tami is the local high school guidance counselor. She is also made of awesome. She is supportive of here husband yet more then willing to point out when he is wrong, supportive of the many kids that come through her office every day and part of one of the best married couples on tv ever. Connie Britton not even getting nominated for an Emmy is a crime against humanity!
Best line: " It's part of my job to make sure that you don't grow up stupid. It's bad for the world."

Julie Taylor
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Julie is the creation of Erich and Tami Taylor. She goes to the high school that both her parents work at. Though she hates football this doesn't stop her dating the Panthers quarterback Matt Saracen.
Best line: "The deers staring at me. I feel like it's judging me"

Matt Saracen
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Matt is the unexpected star quarterback of the Dillon Panthers. He lives at home with his grandma as his Dad is off in Iraq. His best friend is Landry and his girlfriend is Julie. Matt's always been on the outside and has a lot of responsibility with school, football and looking after his sick grandma.
Best line: "... Any of y'all want a Swizzler?"

Jason Street
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Jason was the star quarterback for Dillon until the opening game of the season when he got injured in a tackle and was paralyzed from the waste down and confined to a wheelchair. His girlfriend is Lyla and best friend Tim betrayed him, he got himself a new best friend Herc and now plays quad rugby.
Best line: "Because I'm crippled and I wanna listen to Nirvana!"

Tim Riggins
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Tim is the fullback who just likes to hurt people. At the start Tim has a best friend, Jason, and a girlfriend, Tyra, but loses them both when he sleeps with Jason's girlfriend Lyla. He lives with his older brother Billy and likes his beer and his women.
Best line: "Texas forever"

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Lyla is the daughter of Bubby Garrity who owns Garrity motors and is a keen football fan. She is a cheerleader for the Dillon Panthers and girlfriend of Jason. Lyla has built her entire life around Jason and his football career so when he has his accident she doesn't know what to do so she sleeps with Tim.
Best line: "Yeah, the whore with the website."

Tyra Collette
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Tyra starts out the season as Tim's girlfriend, town whore, president of the "I hate Lyla" club and all round hate of everything Dillon, Texas. Tyra becomes more amazing when she stops being such a slut, we meet here crazy mom and she becomes Tami Talyor's next project.
Best line: "If we don't change this tire ourselves, we're doomed!"

Brian "Smash" Williams
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Smash is the star running back of Dillon Panthers and he knows it. He lives with his mom and two sisters, his dad died several years ago. He's cocky and constantly refers to himself as "The Smash" but he's hard not to love.
Best line:" Buddy Garrity stole my joke!"

Landry Clark
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Landry is Matt's best friend and provides a large amount of the comic relief. He spends most of his time giving Matt terrible dating advice or playing in his Christan speed metal band Crucifictorious.
Best line: "Can you say Members Only."

Ok so I still have the minor characters and the ships to do so I'll do that either later on today or tomorrow.
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