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Part of what makes this show great is the minor characters. So here are just some of the minor characters, I couldn't include them all cause there are loads and I'm a bit lazy. Also included in this are the different ships.

Buddy Garrity
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Buddy lives Panther football. He is father of Lyla and owns the local car dealership. Not a very likable character from the start as he is constantly looking over coach Taylor's shoulder and is very much involved in the running of the team.
Best line: "I've got my Voodoo working"

Lorraine "Grandma" Saracen
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Grandma Saracen is Matt's grandma and live with him as her son is off in Iraq. She suffers from Dementia which sometimes causes her to take baths in other peoples houses and mistake Matt for her husband.
Best line: "Matt, You need to find a new friend."

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Mother of Smash and his two sisters, Mama Williams is a strong woman who wants the best for her son. She moved her family to Dillon after her husband died so they could have a better life.
Best line: "I work at Planned Parenthood. You probably haven't seen the last of me."

Billy Riggins
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Brother of Tim, Billy does his best to give Tim some kind of future. He also likes drink and women, just like his little brother.
Best line: "I may not have a PhD in stupid like you do"

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Herc is Jason's room mate when Jason moves to Rehab. He has the same injury as Jason and is the one encourages Jason to play quad rugby. Also a member of the "I hate Lyla" club.
Best line: "Somethin's up....I can shhmmell it!"

Waverly Grady
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Waverly is the preachers daughter and girlfriend of Smash. She recently came back from a mysterious trip to Africa and is quite outspoken in political matters.
Best line: "The Waverly has better things to do"

Coach/Mrs Coach
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Best married couple on tv ever you say. Well you would be bang on cause these two seriously rock. Sure they right but when they do it's cute and never do yo feel like it could truly threaten their marriage.

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The word cute could be over used to describe many things but not these two. Sometimes they're awkward, rarely they're angsty but mostly they are just uber cute.

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Jason and Lyla start off the All American couple but this all ends when Jason finds out she's been sleeping with his best friend. They start off sickly sweet but the angst due to accident makes them a much more interesting couple.

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He's the bad boy with guilt over his best friend accident, she's the good girl who can't except her boyfriend accident. They sleep together a few times and it's kinda hot.

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Tim and Tyra have what seems to be a very open relationship since she hooks up with Smash early on and Tim kisses random rally girls in the hallway. Things take a turn for the worst when Tyra finds out about his affair with Lyla.

I think that about covers it. [livejournal.com profile] winter_baby  is currently doing daily picspams on each episode of season 1. Feel free to use these posts to pimp out the show to people on your flist that aren't big FNL fans, cause lord knows we need all the help we can get.
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