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The last part of this weeks picspam. Enjoy!

When we left Tim was very sweaty once again. And now:

Happy (?) people on the phone

What was up with this guy? I have the feeling this might come to haunt coach

I still love you coach Taylor!

There were just so many angles in the scene I wondered if the camera men played hide and seek


The amount of pretty and iconable shots in that scene it just crazy

I want one of those little numbers on my face

Oh Jason. This whole thing just choked me up. Well thats not totally true as it was around this time that my dad came in and told me we were getting a take away so I was torn between sad and excited

If you all were wondering what granny Saracen has been getting up to these days

I am not going to cry!

No, ::sniff:: not going to happen

See what I mean about sweaty/wet Tim? I don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining

This is the first time I've seen Smash scared and the first time I really believed coach Taylor as a coach

Oh Smash, what a mess

i only just noticed Smashes isolation from the rest of them

Cute boys

Oh god Tim stop it! ::sniff:: ::sniff::

Tim = Awesome

I have a new Tim impression "I love you like a brother (angsty pause) like a brother 6."

Cried like a hungry, angry baby. Also 3 episodes and we get 2 different handhold moments and carrying. The slash just writes itself!

"Can I have that in writing?"

Now Smash got angst. I love it!

Warning: excessive Matt/Julie cuteness!

Look how she's nervous again!!! I love it!

I'm not going to even try to be restrained

"I just want to sit beside you Matt cause you are so great"

"Well I am pretty adorable"

Matt + Julie = total adorable cuteness in a can

Julie totally wishes she was that cup

Squeetastic! She totally looked interested and if she says no I'm going to go over there and kick her ass!

More pretty

Part of me wanted that party to fail. But then again I like Tyra

I know it's wrong of me but I'm loving Smash and his drugs. It makes him interesting and gives him something to do. I can't wait for his mom to find out, she's going to be maaaad!

Thats all for this week. Join me again in 2 weeks time (I know!!) for more of the same.
Caps here
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