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So I know I never finished off the picspam of last week but I will over the Christmas break, I promise. For now you'll just have to live with the first half of this weeks episode, well I guess it's last weekend now.

I think this is one of the best episodes so far. It was just love of 42mins.

The opening alone was great

See how making cupcakes is the same as injecting yourself with drugs! On a side note we have that jug

I really like her apron

I like that there is almost a constant reminder that he is in front of a church

Look! Matching oven-mits!

Guilty people in church

I really like Smashs mom in this episode

Happy/Stressed Smash (I keep wanting to call him Brian)

Pretty pictures of guilty Lyla

I think they both look kinda funny in that prom (?) picture

I love Jason even more since I found out the guy who plays hims fav day of the week is Wednesday cause that's new comic book day!

He makes great faces as well

Can someone please explain the cupcake thing to me cause I don't get it. Did she think she was going to win him over by appealing to his stomach? Or were they paralleling her story with Smash cause she drugged the cupcakes and was hoping to get Jason back that way? Questions, questions

Also have we seen this sister before cause I don't remember her?

Pretty Smash

The more I watch these two the more I love them

I wish we got to see the scene where Julie and Matt swapped numbers

I've decided I'm doing a Tami Face picspam during the break

Oh Tim

Where did it all go wrong?

Cute Matt. Cute Matt talking to stupid random guy

At first I thought this was going to be connected to how Matt and Julies date was going to be ruined

Thankfully not

Tim + Fan = picspam gold!

So does this mean Matt and Landry are finally Dillions number 1 BFF?

Oh so pretty!

I'm still not so sure why this whole thing bothers Tyra so much

Cause it really seems to bother her

I love this scene

Coach being adorable doesn't hurt

Plus more Tami faces!

Just great

Though that bit was kinds disturbing

I also love how he just leaves and she's kinda running after him

Julies friend kinda sucks

Boo Julies friend!!!

I know the Matt and Julie date was great and Matt singing to his Grandma was also great but this has to be my fav scene by far. I just love Landry. So, of course, there are a lot of these

"This is your pre release party"

"Instant Rock Start status"

"All these things are older then we are"

"Well it's called retro and chicks dig it, trust me"

"Oh I forgot you're such an expert."

"That's fine. If you wanna get personal. I mean you know that still hurts"

"And it was a bad break-up so thank you for bringing that back up."

"She doesn't want the Man she wants the Myth"

"Can you say.... Members Only"

See what happens when you go shopping with Landry! You go in Matt Saracen, you come out Vinnie Van Lowe

I never thought I'd say this but I missed the football

"Landry, my Grandmother's not a witch" Ha!

I really hope we get more and more Landry as the weeks go on

I love how coach gets him name wrong and really doesn't care

If you haven't seen it, check out the deleted scene between coach and Matt after the date on the NBC site, it's kinda cute

Have I ever mentioned Coach Taylor rocks? Well he does

"My daughter and I talk a lot"

Poor Matt

So that's all for the moment. I'll try to have the great date and everything else up soon.
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