Also check out Watch with Kristin there is a video of her on set with the top 5 reasons to watch FNL (spoilers!)
Part of what makes this show great is the minor characters. So here are just some of the minor characters, I couldn't include them all cause there are loads and I'm a bit lazy. Also included in this are the different ships.

I think that about covers it. [ profile] winter_baby  is currently doing daily picspams on each episode of season 1. Feel free to use these posts to pimp out the show to people on your flist that aren't big FNL fans, cause lord knows we need all the help we can get.
Full episodes at
2x01 at
I think it was May when I started doing this picspam. It's been sitting on my computer for months now so I thought I'd finally get it out there before Season 2 starts which is little over a week away. Anyway this is not dial-up friendly.

Ok so I still have the minor characters and the ships to do so I'll do that either later on today or tomorrow.
Part 2

Icon dump

Jun. 1st, 2007 12:11 pm
I've been meaning to post these icons and stuff for ages now.  Didn't quite realise how much I had managed to gather over the past few months.

[1-65] Friday Night Lights various episodes
[66-82] CSI:NY various epsiodes
[83-93] Supernatural various episodes
[94-104] Donnie Darko
[105-110] The Office various episodes
[111-121] Friday Night Movie
[122-123] Kyle Chandler in Grey's Anatomy
[124-127] Explosions in the Sky Friends Only Banners
[128-133] Friday Night Lights Cast Banners

icons... )

edit: If anyone wants the FNL banners without the text or with different text just let me know
I don't know if anyone has seen this yet but I found it on YouTube. It's an ad for Buddy Garrity's car dealership. Weird!

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I made some icons, mini moves and normal, and some banners/headers so I though I might as well post them. They are from random episodes and the promo pics.

[1-8] mini movie
[9-25] random episodes
[26-31] banners/headers from promo pics

I made some Bones and Friday Night Light icons.

[1-13] Bones
[14-29] Friday Night Lights

I've kinda been making some icons of FNL recently and just thought I might as well post them.

Mrs Coach )
I got out of my exam early so decided to treat myself to capping the scene in the pep rally in the latest Friday Night Lights episode.

Full caps for this scene can be found here
So continuing on from where we left off yesterday. Be warned this is mostly Matt and Julies date.

I'm leaving it there for the moment. The updated caps can be found here
So I know I never finished off the picspam of last week but I will over the Christmas break, I promise. For now you'll just have to live with the first half of this weeks episode, well I guess it's last weekend now.

So that's all for the moment. I'll try to have the great date and everything else up soon.
Caps for this section can be found here
Just though I'd share this clip of Kyle Chandler. He's just great!

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1x08 Part 1

Dec. 1st, 2006 11:29 am
Ok kids, this week something different. Since it's coming up to Christmas and everything's a little crazy I've decided to do the picspams in groups. Today it's the Taylor family with added Matt and a bit of random Lyla in there for good measure.

I hope to do the Riggins/Lyla/Jason saga next time so at the moment only the Taylor caps are in the album. Hope you enjoy.
Caps here
The last part of this weeks picspam. Enjoy!

Thats all for this week. Join me again in 2 weeks time (I know!!) for more of the same.
Caps here
Continuing where we left off

Caps as always here
Another week another picspam. This should have been up earlier but photobucket decided to die on me!

As always Caps can be found here
The 3rd and final part of this epic picspam.

Caps can be found here

Part 2

Nov. 10th, 2006 05:58 pm
Welcome back to the world of Friday Night Lights!

Caps can be found here
I've decided to merge my picspam and episode review this week and once again I went crazy with the caps so I'm going to break this up into parts.

Caps can be found here once again just credit me if you are taking/using.
We start back just after we left off yesterday with more coach Taylor

If you want any of the caps you can find them here. I guess just credit me if you're using them.



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